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Page 1283 — The Bill and Ted Method

Any stories about earning great rewards and cashing them in for trivial things?

Also, we've got a very exciting new Spudventure released today! We've started a three-part campaign using the upcoming Root TTRPG, which means we're playing cute woodland creatures as mercenaries! Join us for character creation and the adventure hook!
The Renegades of Riverhop, Session 1: Podcast | Video

Note: Now accepting guest comics! Details and rules here. Deadline: October 25th.

Sandbar (AJ): So… we're fine, right? No explosion?
DM: Well, it's not perfectly stable. There is a bit of a discharge.
Silverstream (PP): Uh-oh.
DM: Thankfully for the six of you, the moment she's free, Headmare Starlight teleports you all back up into the courtyard before you get… well, fried.
Silverstream (PP): Phew.
Yona (FS): Heeheehee! We did it! We save entire world! Yona name will go down in yak history as great folk hero!! Also, Yona glad Headmare is safe!
Starlight Glimmer: Yeah, uh… I haven't really eaten in two days, so… forgive me if I pass on the celebratory hugging.
Yona (FS): Yona understand.
Starlight Glimmer: But yeah, other than that, I'm not really sure what to say, besides… thank you.
Ocellus (TS): Well, there's this test coming up on Friendship's Effect on the Course of Equestrian History…
Gallus (RD): Yeah, can we just get an A since we, y'know, affected history?
safe1659555 artist:newbiespud1392 edit127883 edited screencap62327 screencap216124 auburn vision256 berry blend452 berry bliss454 citrine spark387 clever musings161 fire flicker127 fire quacker386 gallus6483 huckleberry363 ocellus5074 sandbar5283 silverstream5922 smolder7563 starlight glimmer47229 strawberry scoop219 summer breeze225 violet twirl149 yona4939 changedling7953 changeling45160 classical hippogriff4763 dragon53553 earth pony231805 griffon26086 hippogriff9242 pegasus273681 pony923623 unicorn304368 yak4440 comic:friendship is dragons1552 school raze2304 background pony10036 bow27266 comic106120 dialogue63049 dragoness7843 eyes closed88421 falling2622 female1322417 fountain587 friendship student1625 glowing horn18768 hair bow14762 horn59528 jumping3231 levitation11630 magic70939 male357551 mare458758 raised hoof43227 running5728 screencap comic4447 stallion102829 student six1578 telekinesis26694 teleportation594 worried3772


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