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Here we are. It's been a topic on the horizon but soon the finale will be before us. I've witnessed shows end, some before their time. I'm glad Friendship is Magic can feature a conclusion.

It seemed fitting to include the final Goodnight from featuring Wind Whistler of G1:


A show from 30 years ago inspired Lauren Faust's efforts with what was supposed to just be a toy sale. Who knows what a young FiM might do when they grow up?

Whatever the case, I intend to continue sending goodnight wishes via Pinkie, albeit not every week. There are other projects long neglected and I intend to keep creating. Have a goodnight and enjoy the series finale!
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Yes. The show was good and I enjoyed it. I loved these comics by Silver Quill and so many other fan works. To everyone who created them, thank you.
Background Pony #F653
Finally theres upcoming movie in 2021 of My Little Pony 2.
Background Pony #8435
@Neko Majin C
I'm looking forward to the Season 10 comic books covering events during the time skip between "The Ending of the End" and "The Last Problem". They could cover characters, storylines, and locations that could not be explored on the show.
Background Pony #8435
Even though Friendship is Magic has ended, we should not despair. We still have the rest of Equestria Girls to finish up on. There will an all-CGI second My Little Pony movie coming soon. And we also have the upcoming Season 10 comic books scheduled for April 2020. Once Generation Five premieres in 2020, I'm sure many of us will give it a chance and welcome it with open arms. Here's to both a great ending and a new beginning!
Background Pony #D90B
It took me till this comic for me to realize "After tomorrow, it's over." And I'm not gonna lie, I honestly did tear up a bit. This show means a lot to me before this, I was in my nostalgia mindset where I wouldn't even consider giving modern animated shows a chance. But it all changed when Adventure Time and Regular Show began to air where I decided "OK fine, I'll watch them." And from there, I give modern animated shows a chance and because of that, I became fans of shows like Gravity Falls, The Loud House, etc. Then one day, I came across Friendship is Magic from not only a toy commercial, but weirdly enough, from a Death Battle of G1 Starscream vs G4 Rainbow Dash. I thought it looked interesting, but I never decided to watch the show. But it was until a friend of mine who was a fan of the show where I decided to watch an episode. I decided to watch the episode "Too Many Pinkie Pies"(yeah it took me that long to watch the show) and the next episode I watched was "Sonic Rainboom". Then from there, I fell in love with the show. I loved the animation, the characters, the songs, everything (My favorite character is Rainbow Dash). On paper, this show just looked like a commercial that screams "BUY OUR TOYS". But although that's the intention, the show also manages to tell engaging stories and teach lessons that many can relate too. It's impressive on how a children's show managed to leave a lasting impact with 9 seasons, 221 episodes, 1 theatrical movie, an ongoing comic series, 1 holiday special, 8 shorts, 1 spin-off series, and 4 spin-off direct to DVD movies. And how it drew in an unintended target demographic that stuck around for 9 years. Now that the show's ending, it does make me sad, but I'm glad that it's giving us a proper conclusion to go out on. But as this comic says, the fandom will keep going (And also IDW will continue with Season 10). Hopefully G5 can surpass expectations just like G4 did.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Adventure Time, and Regular Show where the three shows that changed my life. But while Adventure Time and Regular Show made me appreciate modern animated shows, MLP proved that to me by showing that I can enjoy any show, even if said show looks like the demographic is for little girls.
Dark Tail

Been part of plenty ends to great shows. But never one that has impacted me so much. This is going to be both a really sad but really happy day tomorrow. The fanfiction is going to be amazing after this show ends and I look forward to seeing what projects the fans do afterwards. We still got a great movie coming up so looking forward to that as well and a new adventure on the horizon with G5. Hope to see you there Silver Quill.