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"Swimmers week" is a week long holiday created by :icondivides: (was it last year this started?)where you can celebrate all that is good about the summer, usually the swimmywear. Each day of the week has a theme that you can draw something for (or I guess just be creative about it (i'm sure you can write a story or cosplay?), there's really not much rules that I know of :XD:).

All are welcome to join!! The more the merrier!

I managed to find time to do this at the beginning of the month,poor thing has been sitting in sta.sh for 10 days :XD:

(I'm just going to copy/paste each day from their journal :P)

June 13: One Piece Monday. (Start of "Swimmers Week.")
(A day for producing art revolving around one-piece swimsuits.)

June 14: Two Piece Tuesday.
Swimmers Week: Two Piece Tuesday by dead-kittens3

(A day for producing art revolving around two-piece swimsuits.)

June 15: Water Wednesday.
Swimmers Week: Water Wednesday by dead-kittens3

(Any swimsuit, but specifically in the water.)

June 16: Land Lubbers Thursday.
(Any swimsuit, but specifically with an out-of-water swimsuit related activity.)

June 17: Fluttering-Hearts Friday.
(Again, any swimsuit, but this time dedicated to love and romance, in one form or another.)

June 18: Skinny-Dip Saturday.
(A day for producing art including the combination of nudity and water in its themes :-p.)

June 19: All-Suit Sunday.
(For any water and/or swim-wear related ideas that couldn't be uploaded on the previous days.)
safe1556711 artist:divinekitten216 oc594498 oc only404533 oc:sock hop10 anthro226217 earth pony190918 anthro oc27926 arm hooves4837 beach ball1282 beauty mark1006 blushing172808 bow23622 clothes401688 female880961 hat74743 mare404966 mole255 one-piece swimsuit3806 simple background338290 socks55789 solo960199 swimsuit24248 tail bow4620 traditional art107959 white background84954 white socks127


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