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I am not sure how well they are taking it 😆

Full credits at Youtube Link

You can use it if you credit me. Non-commercial purposes only.
safe1709417 artist:wissle316 edit132810 edited screencap65391 screencap222597 big macintosh28300 cheerilee9990 discord31015 marble pie6514 princess luna99224 spike78879 sugar belle3153 alicorn225031 draconequus11786 dragon56470 earth pony249812 pony970503 unicorn324662 the big mac question1063 animated98782 baseball bat1092 bed41017 bone3021 book33539 breaking the fourth wall937 dark magic2726 desk3234 drawing4547 female1365818 implied violence59 katana944 knife5343 lamp2658 library3235 looking at you169144 luna's room77 magic73403 magic circle801 male373729 mare482071 parody15643 reading6280 scene interpretation8616 scene parody873 skeleton1893 sound8901 stallion109280 sweet apple acres2971 sword11694 this will end in death2440 this will end in tears3356 this will end in tears and/or death2287 tree32314 weapon30553 webm13407 youtube link4990


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Background Pony #46A0
Discord: [deep gasp] BIG MAC IS GOING TO PROPOSE TO SUGAR BELLE?!? [echoing]
Cheerilee, Princess Luna and Marble Pie: Wait, what did Discord say?