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Happy Anniversary, Friendship is Magic.

It's a bittersweet event this year with the show's end looming, but I still welcome it.

I owe a bigger thank you, than usual to the people who made the backgrounds this time, they saved me a lot of effort and this picture wouldn't have been nearly as good without them. Now, where is Twilight's Castle? Why, it's just a little to the right of end of the screen, of course! I did think of trying to add it for continuity, but I really couldn't say for sure where in Ponyville it should go, it seems like it's location has been a little different every season.

Nine years later, though it is battered and bruised, FlutterMac endures.


Ponyville itself came from here: link
The changes to make a sunset were done by me.

I got the hilltop Fluttershy and Big Macintosh are sitting on from here: link

And I got the sunset and clouds from this image: link


You can find the textless version here:
safe1704790 anonymous artist2757 big macintosh28236 fluttershy212457 earth pony248101 pegasus291108 pony966001 series:fm holidays155 canterlot5680 facing away259 female1361551 fluttermac2904 happy birthday mlp:fim1304 holding hooves1651 lineless3810 male372118 mlp fim's ninth anniversary313 nuzzling3962 ponyville5832 prone25488 shipping200044 straight136240 sunset5372 sweet apple acres2962


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