Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM! MLP:FiM turns 11 years old this year! Let's celebrate with an art event!
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To celebrate MLP’s 9th anniversary, here’s a montage of Twilight and Spike’s adventures through the seasons.
safe1769162 artist:red4567939 angel bunny10065 apple bloom51589 applejack174736 boulder (pet)1320 capper dapperpaws1640 clover the clever382 cozy glow7848 crackle360 cup cake4283 derpy hooves51002 diamond tiara10470 discord32092 fido546 fluttershy218977 gabby2495 gallus7071 gummy5154 humdrum466 lord tirek5465 masked matter-horn844 maud pie12810 moondancer5024 ocellus5487 owlowiscious2026 pinkie pie221792 pipsqueak2886 pound cake2626 princess cadance33395 princess celestia97301 princess ember6860 princess flurry heart7584 princess luna101359 princess skystar2116 queen chrysalis35731 rainbow dash240263 rarity187179 rockhoof1174 sandbar5654 scootaloo52181 shining armor23780 silver spoon6675 silverstream6358 sludge (dragon)359 smolder8324 smooze634 somnambula1992 spike81107 spitfire13777 star swirl the bearded2072 starlight glimmer50180 sunburst7085 sweetie belle50019 tank2797 tempest shadow17104 thorax4519 trixie69179 twilight sparkle308352 yona5269 alicorn236011 bat pony53123 bird8982 breezie2211 bugbear198 changedling8893 changeling50539 diamond dog3571 dog10042 dragon59639 earth pony274152 griffon28272 human160490 parasprite2067 pegasus316285 pony1029081 unicorn350230 yak4780 28 pranks later976 a canterlot wedding2952 a dog and pony show653 a flurry of emotions1285 a health of information535 a matter of principals1120 a rockhoof and a hard place810 a royal problem2195 a trivial pursuit1170 amending fences1266 applebuck season904 applejack's "day" off592 bats!1749 best gift ever2450 between dark and dawn1651 boast busters1122 bridle gossip893 castle mane-ia908 castle sweet castle1353 celestial advice1171 crusaders of the lost mark1659 do princesses dream of magic sheep1243 dragon dropped1219 dragon quest970 equestria girls209711 equestria girls (movie)7615 every little thing she does963 fake it 'til you make it1097 fall weather friends779 fame and misfortune1098 family appreciation day586 father knows beast898 feeling pinkie keen847 friendship is magic3071 games ponies play1107 gauntlet of fire1487 green isn't your color947 hearth's warming eve (episode)674 horse play942 inspiration manifestation895 it ain't easy being breezies913 it isn't the mane thing about you1187 it's about time773 just for sidekicks961 keep calm and flutter on1079 lesson zero1556 luna eclipsed1605 magic duel2191 magical mystery cure2465 make new friends but keep discord2073 marks for effort1177 maud pie (episode)1302 may the best pet win801 molt down872 my little pony: the movie19561 newbie dash1085 no second prances1888 non-compete clause735 once upon a zeppelin856 owl's well that ends well440 ppov929 princess spike (episode)740 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2709 scare master954 school daze2823 school raze2371 secret of my excess789 shadow play1321 she's all yak1191 slice of life (episode)1813 sparkle's seven1699 spike at your service1066 swarm of the century744 sweet and smoky976 tanks for the memories1479 testing testing 1-2-31415 the beginning of the end2205 the best night ever1469 the crystal empire2891 the crystalling2205 the cutie map4168 the cutie re-mark3239 the end in friend703 the ending of the end3289 the hearth's warming club913 the last problem6182 the last roundup1123 the mane attraction1230 the one where pinkie pie knows851 the point of no return1033 the return of harmony1786 the summer sun setback1117 the ticket master1037 the times they are a changeling948 three's a crowd1336 to where and back again2791 too many pinkie pies1871 trade ya929 triple threat1017 twilight time918 twilight's kingdom3181 uncommon bond826 what about discord?700 what lies beneath1616 winter wrap up1122 3d81918 accordion307 alicorn amulet1901 alternate hairstyle29401 angry28427 animated101875 ballerina1028 banjo291 barrel1676 bat ponified2942 beefspike413 behaving like a moth54 big crown thingy2433 blue flu334 bongos137 book34967 butt touch4450 butthug382 cage1020 candle5001 clothes482415 cocoon673 colt15684 comic book664 cookie zombie241 crystal2781 cup6606 cutie mark50565 cutie mark crusaders19424 cymbals191 dragon egg200 dress46581 drums1120 egg4149 element of magic2421 equestria games438 facehoof1792 faic12651 female1417959 filly70854 filly rainbow dash1296 filly starlight glimmer608 flashback potion225 flutterbat7026 fluttergoth879 food74103 friendship journal175 future twilight1060 gif32634 gigachad spike878 greed spike164 grogar's bell470 happy birthday mlp:fim1401 harmonica146 helm37 hood1416 i see6 ice cream5256 jewelry70401 king thorax3007 long55 luna petting goose128 magic76345 male393861 mane seven6733 mane six32857 mare510664 mlp fim's ninth anniversary314 montage83 multeity2331 musical instrument11945 naked rarity215 older28190 older spike5579 one-pony band19 orange980 pacifier2743 pinkie hugging applejack's butt91 ponies riding gators301 power ponies2797 princess twilight 2.02628 pudding face186 punk2348 punklight sparkle778 quiet161 race swap14998 ragelight glimmer288 rainbow muzzle254 rapidash twilight400 raripunk1300 regalia21557 riding7697 shirt26635 sign4180 sleeping24147 sneaking325 snow14236 soda drink hat5 source filmmaker49235 sousaphone188 spike the dog2696 student six1676 swamp fever104 t-shirt4746 tambourine502 teenage spike654 teenager4806 the cmc's cutie marks4790 ticket218 too much pink energy is dangerous321 treelight sparkle207 twilight flopple159 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127123 twilight's castle4140 twilighting359 twilynanas140 unicorn twilight19179 wall of tags3759 whining245 winged spike8607 wings126656 younger17924


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Passionate opinionator
When will this get a webm?! This gif is so awesome that I want to stop and pause at every moment!
Also, imagine if it went like Homer Simpson’s timelapse and went through every moment of Twilight’s life.