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They have long asked them to draw meXD
safe1725786 artist:shadowreindeer263 king sombra14054 shining armor23367 pony986069 unicorn331787 :p9140 bed41552 cuddling8469 cute202692 eyes closed95505 female1380218 gleamibetes59 gleaming shield1201 heart49125 lesbian98029 lidded eyes31205 looking at you171899 mare490323 onomatopoeia4392 open mouth149680 queen umbra1178 r63 shipping70 rule 6327137 rule63betes657 shining adorable571 shiningsombra163 shipping202671 sleeping23690 sound effects2192 tongue out105901 umbradorable22 umbrashield3 zzz2482


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Background Pony #028C
This is the kind of pairing you don't know you want until you see it. Amazing what a little gender-swap in the right place can do!