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Commission for @DaveMan1000

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suggestive140962 artist:anthroponiessfm1446 apple bloom49044 scootaloo51000 sweetie belle48700 anthro256697 3d74427 adorasexy9606 areola17433 areola slip1841 bedroom eyes58640 belly button76583 big breasts80677 bottomless13511 bow28098 breasts273826 busty apple bloom1731 busty scootaloo1200 busty sweetie belle2079 cleavage34187 clothes453746 cute197495 cutie mark crusaders18907 female1348444 females only12356 front knot midriff1350 hand on breast116 knot shirt30 legs8144 looking at you165699 midriff19182 miniskirt4961 nipples164763 older26301 older apple bloom2072 older scootaloo2007 older sweetie belle2278 one eye closed30022 open clothes2671 open shirt1272 partial nudity20193 plaid skirt645 pleated skirt4045 school1763 school uniform7170 schoolgirl1852 sexy28905 shirt24435 skirt39239 source filmmaker45317 wink24347


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Background Pony #713D
Maybe these schoolgirls don't care if their panties are showing and just want some cock, or something?
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Background Pony #713D
(The wind stopped blowing and the Cutie Mark Crusaders' skirts managed to fall back down, concealing their panties)

AB: Oh mah stars and garters, that was a strong wind~!
Sweetie: Who would open a window from the inside, when its soooo windy outside~?
Scootaloo: I bet, this was the work of our old foalhood enemies, Diamond, Silver and Cozy.
Sweetie: Oh those two stubborn rich mares, along with that mischievous and selfish liar~!
AB: Well, Ah hope ye enjoyed the show anyway, Mr. Pervert~!
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Background Pony #713D
(A gust of wind was blowing through the open classroom window)

AB: (gasp)
Scootaloo: Whoa!
Sweetie: Oh my~!

(At an instance, all three members of the CMC had their skirts blown up, displaying their panties presents for their crushes. But since they like their teacher as well, they decided to tease you by using only one hand to push down their skirts, and feigning embarrassment and innocence.)
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Background Pony #713D
AB: Then again, a little breeze wouldn't hurt, rahght Scoots~?
Scoots: Yeah, you're right! These skirts are so short, even the smallest gust of wind would send them flying up.
Sweetie: Yay! I've been wearing a lavender and pink lacey pair of undies for just the occasion! You know, for Button Mash?
Scoots: Weeeeell, I know Rumble's gonna tumble, when he sees my awesome white and purpled-striped panties on display, when that happens!
AB: As for me, Ah've bin wearin' my signature apple-printed panties for a few years now, and Ah hope Tender Taps lahkes 'em, too~!
All: <giggles> Cutie Mark Crusaders Mareilyn Maneroe Impersonators~!
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Background Pony #713D
Scootaloo: You like seeing our boobs in these revealing uniforms, don't you Mr. Perv Teacher?

Sweetie: Unless, you prefer a big gust of wind blowing up our skirts, showing off our panties.

AB: Well eithah way, our teacher's still turned on, and ya'll know what this means, right girls?

All: Cutie Mark Crusaders Sex Dolls!
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