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Many of you know that I've been shipping Bright with Big Mac for a long time. So I figured this would be a good way to send off Friendship is Magic. Hope you guys enjoy.
safe1658749 artist:inlustriusghost31 big macintosh27650 braeburn6180 discord30048 rarity177546 smarty pants1470 spike77254 torch song223 oc655228 oc:bright sight18 draconequus10569 dragon53516 earth pony231506 pony922872 unicorn303999 blushing189729 captain wuzz98 comic105862 cupcake5247 dungeons and dragons1231 food67212 garbunkle1 imagination293 ogres and oubliettes284 ponytones136 ponytones outfit205 race swap13818 romance750 scenery7785 sir mcbiggen110 story705 toe tapper2 unicorn big mac123 unrequited love5 window8123


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