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In keeping with my headcanon of Scootaloo as a mailmare apprentice, i decided to draw all of the three CMCs (from right to left, Laodixe Wehamag, Fleur Pomme and Elizabel Zarraonandía) since i hadn't done so before.

I originally intended for them to be inside a shop of some sort, with the window showing the wall of the neighbouring shop (there'd be a alley in between). I don't know if the window turned out large enough for that. Also tried to try something different on muzzle shading.

Four days to finish this.
safe1555363 artist:mildgyth66 apple bloom46181 scootaloo48821 sweetie belle46275 anthro225870 plantigrade anthro26170 ziragshabdarverse54 apple flower4 bow23598 clothes400958 cutie mark crusaders17526 dress38923 hair bow12911 looking up13758 mailmare uniform33 pants11861 scootagram20 shahbaz2 shoes28973 socks55686 stockings28189 thigh highs27627 traditional art107767 uniform9067


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