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It looks like the Cutie Mark Crusaders from pony world accidentally found themselves in anthropony world.
Just in time to see Derpi get paddled by Cheerilee.  
Art by Circe  
Colors by AnimeGirl ( AKA KittySusan )
Uploaded with permission from Circe and Frist.
suggestive162036 artist:animegirl20129 artist:circe304 apple bloom54474 cheerilee10502 derpy hooves52654 scootaloo53984 sweetie belle51788 earth pony321128 pegasus364292 pony1224551 unicorn401577 anthro295596 art pack:spankapalooza16 abuse8470 bent over4513 bent over desk35 blushing224166 breasts318962 broken window154 bubble butt796 classroom1832 clothes524741 corporal punishment18 cutie mark crusaders20245 derpybuse238 digitally colored65 female1516453 literal butthurt391 mail1191 mailmare1238 paddle865 pain2221 pants17349 pants down1151 spanking2975 sweat30888 traditional art126494


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Background Pony #D8A2
SB: Oh-no, that’s awful! Poor Derpy!
AB: Hey, look on the bright side.
SB: What bright side?
SL: It isn’t us this time.