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suggestive136839 artist:anibaruthecat959 apple bloom48278 rainbow dash228161 rarity177322 sci-twi23292 scootaloo50372 sweetie belle48051 twilight sparkle293759 equestria girls193279 breasts264887 clothes441348 cutie mark crusaders18679 dialogue62848 female1318857 kissing23757 lab coat2113 lesbian93905 making out594 rariloo25 shipping193651 signature22205 sweetiedash86 twibloom23


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Background Pony #4B29
Or maybe… Sci-twi and Apple Bloom are the reason why they're together! dun dun DUN! They planned it from the beginning!
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Background Pony #4B29
Are projects rariloo and sweetiedash important to know or are they just full of fanfics written by Sci-twi?
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Background Pony #D8C8
this is hot and cute sci-twilight is kissing applebloom so sweet like apples ;) /ziltromon
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