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safe1753845 artist:yakovlev-vad511 edit136139 editor:childofthenight67 nightmare moon17241 princess luna100880 alicorn233400 pony1013504 :<1086 angry28149 blue background5557 boop7608 cheek fluff5966 chest fluff41374 cute206083 duality4382 ear fluff31327 eye contact6619 female1404708 floppy ears54712 frown23630 glare8306 gradient background13467 grin41159 grumpy2610 hoof fluff2000 leg fluff3209 lidded eyes31877 looking at each other21535 lunabetes3639 mare503582 nose wrinkle3078 noseboop2922 pouting2022 s1 luna7416 scrunchy face7263 self ponidox8357 simple background410221 smiling262094 smirk13072 smug6284 spread wings57243 wing fluff1705 wings123696


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