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The heroes and the villain and the minions (not the minions your thinking of) in the season 6 finale

added artist to tags because of JP
safe1556216 artist:90sigma778 artist:abydos9192 artist:atmospark89 artist:bluetech69 artist:cezaryy19 artist:cheezedoodle96794 artist:dashiesparkle1416 artist:dipi1195 artist:frownfactory629 artist:matty4z71 artist:memershnick1 artist:misterlolrus31 artist:pony_vectors2 artist:sofunnyguy163 discord28435 queen chrysalis31918 starlight glimmer43020 thorax3947 trixie61190 changeling39105 changeling queen11226 draconequus8607 pony827399 unicorn257926 to where and back again2496 armor21318 changeling guard95 changeling hive526 cider2422 cup5401 female880484 group2803 male299310 mare404652 reformed four149 s5 starlight1447


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