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safe1707997 artist:teranen380 twilight sparkle300528 alicorn224747 pony969095 chest fluff39199 disturbed178 eye clipping through hair5650 female1364567 floppy ears52388 horn67494 mare481388 princess2222 reaction image9470 simple background394007 sitting63349 sketch62893 solo1065281 twilight fuel48 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123753 two toned wings3078 white background98054 wings107664


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I appreciate your assurances. I'm also positive that a company oriented around selling books is educated and humane enough not to treat its warehouse workers like squishy robots.

Everyone else seemed completely offended in their reactions, but Twilight seems to have a tinge of curiosity. Still disgusted, but part of her can't seem to help it.
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I miss the show so much
I am genuinely surprised by that. I mean, I really thought that someone would have written a book about belly rubs.

Perhaps we could fix this? I will rub your belly and you… you will do science. The world needs this book. What do you say?