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Leaktober Day 3 submission! The prompt was public, unfortunately I literally just finished, so was kind of pressed for time. Glad I got one in before the "deadline" though! Well, at least for my time, not midnight yet!


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Hypothetical scenario:

Two anthros, unclothed, a male and a female, meet in a public place.

The female, greeting the male, proceeds to empty her bladder. When she's done, the male produces some cleaning equipment and cleans up her puddle, then proceeds to empty his own bladder. Then, when he's done, she produces her own cleaning equipment and cleans up his puddle.

Next, the female squats and proceeds to empty her bowels, then stands up again when she's done. The male cleans up her mess, then proceeds to squat and empty his own bowels, then stands up again when he's done. The female then cleans up his mess, after which they proceed to walk together, talking.

What if there were a society where this kind of behavior was normal? If this was done as a demonstration of trust and respect, would this kind of demonstration and acceptance of common weakness be a benefit to the society?
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This was for Leaktober, and I was trying to get it finished before midnight, and I just managed to get this in time :P Ideally I would have added a lot more.

But! Since these leaktboer things could be considered sketches, I can always revisit them in the future.

Thanks for the comment!