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Full Service Playing Cards Series 4 - Somnambula! twitter source  
Dressed up as Menace from Queen’s Blade (It was SweetCream’s idea and I loved it so fight me)
“You can’t kill hope.”  
-Varok Saurfang and also some Night Elf

Somnambula is always a delight to have around Full Service Hotel. Clothing in her ancient society was extremely optional, and seeing as she was transported ahead in time, she hasn’t quite adjusted to (or rather, kind of refuses to adjust to) society clothing norms.
In her words:
“Our body is the temple of our soul, and all temples should be free for all to worship, should they not? Kept clean, decorated to draw attention, gilded to make those who look upon it feel as though they were transported to the best possible afterlife? The gods should be proud of your temple, smile upon it, lay their hands upon it to bless it and all those who show it praise.”

As of this post, Full Service Series 4 is being crowdfunded to become a real physical deck like the previous 3 series were! You can click here to find out how to help the production of the deck and pre-order your own deck or previous decks, as well as other cool things!

suggestive193325 artist:lil miss jay2612 somnambula2434 pegasus512123 anthro368053 full service playing cards292 g42063432 bedroom eyes84164 breasts400395 busty somnambula265 clothes649547 cosplay33539 costume39866 curvy10298 cutie mark51404 egyptian1944 eyeshadow31779 female1841823 floating5943 hourglass figure3231 lipstick17259 loincloth1790 looking at you267582 makeup42472 menace21 queen's blade40 see-through7701 smiling410228 solo1454080 solo female239577 stupid sexy somnambula57 underboob5209 underwear80444


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Because COLORING!!
That outfit suits her so perfectly that I actually didn’t realize it was a Menace cosplay until I read the description. ‘3’