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Another batch!

suggestive192777 artist:cuddlehooves341 princess cadance40576 shining armor28433 alicorn320021 pony1630695 unicorn550951 g42056391 abdl1380 adult foal2178 beanbag chair595 blushing279691 clothes645876 cuddlehooves is trying to murder us106 cute269535 cutedance1634 cutie mark51339 diaper17093 diaper bag137 diaper change612 diaper fetish11327 eyes closed141402 female1832066 fetish58200 foal powder147 glowing horn29586 horn205196 lying4655 magic98083 male560517 non-baby in diaper12588 on back34934 open mouth243247 pacifier3384 poofy diaper5625 ship:shiningcadance3622 shipping257844 smiling406814 straight182115 teddy bear1833 telekinesis39696 touching diaper84


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Yea, I think I do see the mistakes. Some thin white lines, the white v on the bottom right and whatnot.
But to be fair, they are not the main focus of the pic, and you can barely see them when the pic is not zoomed in.

Mostly here for the fat
Okay so… That’s like, one thing in the background, that you have to put the image at full size to see, that’s probably a pixel wide  
And he’s saying to stop complaining about small details
Artist -

I never mentioned the background? We were talking about mistakes and lazy things like using the bucket tool without then going over to fix errors. I can’t see any of the latter in the background of the ych but there are still plenty of the former. As it happens, he did use the bucket tool without error-correcting in the background of this piece- the purple shapes in the bottom corners were coloured with that method.
Having mistakes and being simplistic are in no way the same. If anything, they’re anathema to one another- in a piece with a more complex style, like Cuddlehooves’ painted style, little bits of colour in the wrong place are much more to be expected. In a simpler, cartoonier style like this piece is, though, those mistakes stand out much more and make the piece look worse, or at least like less care was taken in making it.
Background Pony #9543
I wish they weren’t so lazy with their coloring. Just like with the last one, there is a TON of missed spots, obviously done with the fill tool, and no combing over to find any corrections to be made. It’s disappointing, really…