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safe (1524978) artist:jennifer l. meyer (13) owlowiscious (1876) twilight sparkle (274648) alicorn (184472) bird (6290) owl (813) pony (799997) big crown thingy (2101) book (29327) cloud (25874) cute (167688) element of magic (1744) eyes closed (75835) female (849888) flying (32818) hoof shoes (3636) jewelry (46264) magic the gathering (685) mare (389015) official (6815) ponies the galloping (17) regalia (14787) spread wings (45445) twiabetes (9546) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (111220) twilight's castle (3111) wings (65863)


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Watch me swooce right in
>W/U, the colors I always thought Twilight would be.
>WUBRG mana symbols in text (albeit for a technically useless, albeit cute ability) which allow her to be a 5 color commander. (If your playgroup allows it.)
>Actual bonuses to horses, unicorn and pegasi. (Time to try some card alterations)
>Proceeds of the set go to charity
>50 Dollary doos, not too expensive
>That absolutely adorable Twilight art.


My only "complaint" is that personally I never really thought of Rarity as W/U, and it feels odd that there are two W/U cards (I suppose technically Twilight is five colors) in this three card set. But whatever, I can now finally have legit pony MTG cards and they look like fun cards to play with which is the most important part.
Phil Srobeighn
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This is clearly a reference to one card named "Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash,"

Source: just go along with it and we all get to win.

Until they make cards of the other Mane 6, the best way anyone has figured to get the last ability to work is via Mishra's Toy Factory and use toys of the rest of the Mane 6 as tokens.