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Pls love your waifu
safe1975285 artist:pabbley2593 rainbow dash259795 oc838581 oc:anon13077 human204434 pegasus408422 pony1327626 blushing239359 clothes560799 comic124104 crying50541 cute236913 dashabetes10997 dialogue80574 doing loving things338 ear scratch246 exclamation point4909 female1606787 frog (hoof)17514 goggles16509 happy38477 human male7674 interrobang1149 looking at you217887 male461152 mare620132 meme88951 not doing hurtful things to your waifu42 offscreen character44097 open mouth198450 petting2273 question1340 question mark5758 smiling332355 solo1271376 tears of joy3078 underhoof61898 uniform13670 waifu1346 waifu chart18 wonderbolt trainee uniform1302 wonderbolts uniform6706


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Background Pony #D50D
@Crimson “Valent” Azure  
I don’t hate her, I just find her bragging and cocksure attitude to be a little more grating than endearing. But it’s whatever most of the time.  
If she’s your favorite member of the Mane Six (which I would assume to be the case by your PFP) then that’s fine and dandy.
Crimson "Valent" Azure
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Husband of Rainbow Dash.
@Background Pony #D50D  
I feel like people judge her too harshly for her shortcomings. I love most versions of Dash so long as they are either not super mean or OOC for her (like her abusing Scootaloo).
If anything I feel Rainbow makes a better guardian for Scoots than her own parents.
Background Pony #D50D
I don’t particularly care for RD in general, but your RD is a big exception, Pabbles.  
The way you draw her is just so cute that I can’t help but love her then.
Background Pony #A567
sigh Such wonderful Dashie.
Thank you for this, Pabbley. I needed something to distract me from the endless void of failure that is my life.