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Sorry for not post any are for awhile, I was taking a rest from arts related stuffs and I might taking some rest more again for awhile, but hey. It's here's Fluttershy being….. Shy with her cheerleader costume


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safe1601086 artist:cyanlightning1007 fluttershy201432 pegasus252351 pony869826 .svg available7755 absurd resolution63929 bipedal31277 blushing180004 cheerleader2507 cheerleader fluttershy16 clothes419929 cute183710 daaaaaaaaaaaw3271 ear fluff24691 female1273592 folded wings4900 mare433083 miniskirt4801 pleated skirt3980 pom pom1100 shyabetes12208 simple background354760 skirt36555 smiling221247 solo992714 transparent background183822 vector71844 wings84425


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Background Pony #44F4
Tail feels a little wrong here. Looks to be above the skirt instead of below it.
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Gone to Ponybooru
Teehee! Adorable Cheer-Shy, instant upvote material~ :3
I especially like that detail where she seems to be 'hiding' behind the pom-poms, somepony's a bit nervous.
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