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Page 1278 — Mob Mentality

"You really think somepony would do that? Just take over the school and tell lies?"

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Cozy Glow: Fine. Forget the monologue. They're going to blow up the school! STOP THEM!!
Sandbar (AJ): No! We're going to try and fix this! But just in case, GET CLEAR!
DM: Hmm… Make a Persuasion check.
Sandbar (AJ): C'mon, c'mon… <roll> Ehhhhh, 14?
Gallus (RD): Does my little speech give a bonus?
DM: Maybe.
Ocellus (TS): Is it at least enough to stop the charge?
DM: There is hesitance and confusion, yes. This is an adventuring school, so your bravado certainly reminds them of their lessons… but Cozy Glow wouldn't LIE to them, would she? She's been so nice…!
Smolder (RT): That won't last long. Let's go for the artifacts NOW.
DM: Sure. You have enough initiative for a surprise round.
Yona (FS): Here go nothing…
safe1557369 artist:newbiespud1274 edit114815 edited screencap54096 screencap195421 auburn vision207 berry blend361 berry bliss361 candy grapes27 citrine spark317 cozy glow5678 dawnlighter62 fire flicker101 fire quacker317 gallus5639 golden crust127 goldy wings63 green sprout27 huckleberry298 indigo daze24 midnight snack (character)145 november rain495 ocarina green47 ocellus4399 peppermint goldylinks360 sandbar4550 silverstream5172 smolder6448 strawberry scoop193 sugar maple109 summer breeze185 summer meadow139 tune-up50 yona4366 changedling7135 changeling39170 classical hippogriff4368 dragon46715 earth pony191552 griffon24480 hippogriff8124 pegasus233166 pony828499 unicorn258516 yak3756 comic:friendship is dragons1432 school raze2135 background pony8932 background pony audience333 colt13153 comic100229 cozy glow is not amused417 crossed arms4089 dialogue58976 dragoness6496 female881573 filly58474 flying33793 freckles24814 friendship student1353 frown21372 gallus is not amused118 magic64647 magic circle723 male299722 mare405260 ocellus is not amused55 pointing3629 raised hoof38501 screencap comic4115 silverstream is not amused18 smolder is not amused137 stallion90629 student six1402 teenager4230 unamused13388 worried3341 yona is not amused50


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