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Page 1278 - Mob Mentality
“You really think somepony would do that? Just take over the school and tell lies?”
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Cozy Glow: Fine. Forget the monologue. They’re going to blow up the school! STOP THEM!!
Sandbar (AJ): No! We’re going to try and fix this! But just in case, GET CLEAR!
DM: Hmm… Make a Persuasion check.
Sandbar (AJ): C’mon, c’mon… <roll> Ehhhhh, 14?
Gallus (RD): Does my little speech give a bonus?
DM: Maybe.
Ocellus (TS): Is it at least enough to stop the charge?
DM: There is hesitance and confusion, yes. This is an adventuring school, so your bravado certainly reminds them of their lessons… but Cozy Glow wouldn’t LIE to them, would she? She’s been so nice…!
Smolder (RT): That won’t last long. Let’s go for the artifacts NOW.
DM: Sure. You have enough initiative for a surprise round.
Yona (FS): Here go nothing…
safe1971884 artist:newbiespud1633 edit156882 edited screencap80390 screencap263685 amber grain116 auburn vision317 berry blend549 berry bliss549 bifröst154 candy grapes41 citrine spark474 cozy glow8772 creamy nougat44 dawnlighter91 fire flicker144 fire quacker474 gallus8445 golden crust174 goldy wings94 green sprout39 huckleberry428 indigo daze33 midnight snack (g4)188 november rain644 ocarina green72 ocellus6390 peppermint goldylinks544 sandbar6468 shining passion32 silverstream7314 slate sentiments135 smolder10309 strawberry scoop275 sugar maple160 summer breeze277 summer meadow211 tune-up64 yona6116 changedling10432 changeling58443 classical hippogriff5992 dragon72205 earth pony361588 griffon32875 hippogriff12200 pegasus406799 pony1323779 unicorn446548 yak5862 comic:friendship is dragons1820 school raze2516 background pony11370 background pony audience436 colt17897 comic123882 cozy glow is not amused463 crossed arms6872 dialogue80202 dragoness12111 female1603601 filly84810 flying47404 freckles36499 friendship student1998 frown28802 gallus is not amused199 magic86492 magic circle924 male459920 mare618508 ocellus is not amused78 pointing4994 raised hoof59862 screencap comic5301 silverstream is not amused31 smolder is not amused225 stallion150159 student six1990 teenager5910 unamused20629 worried4890 yona is not amused80


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