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Another group of ponies, and these ones are concerned and surprised. Why? I dunno. 9w6

Basic Info Time!

Flutter Butter: (The one with balloon earrings)
Parents are Fluttershy and Big Mac
Species is Bat Pony (from mother's side, clearly)
Talent involves caring for the Vampire Fruit Bats, mostly.
Can talk to animals, Not very strong, Fairly Shy and Meek.
Fun Fact: Not fluffy like other bat ponies, due to trimming his fur.
Status: Dating Dance Party

Dance Party: (The one with a butterfly earring)
Parents are Pinkie Pie and Pokey Pierce/Royal Pin
Species is Unicorn (from father)
Talent involves dancing.
Loves raves, Party mare, Uses magic like glowstick/neon paint/friendly lasers.
Fun Fact: Leg Warmers, all day every day!
Status: Dating Flutter Butter

Autumn Glory: (The one with the hat)
Parents are Applejack and Autumn Blaze
Species Kirin Earth Pony (from both parents)
Talent is unknown(I've yet to figure out one, if he even could get a cutiemark)
Strong legs, Surprisingly chill, Loves magic.
Fun Fact: Currently traveling Equestria with Show Stopper(Starlit's brother), helping with his magic show.
Status: Single (Though Show Stopper has feelings for him, but Glory doesn't know)

Magical Miracle: (Sock Markings!)
Parents are Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst
Species is Unicorn (from both parents)
Talent involves books and magic.
Always using magic for just about everything, Nerd horse & Egghead, Easily Startled.
Fun Fact: She's been able to learn just about every language in the MLP universe, and yet she doesn't travel to use it with those native to the language.
Status: Single, and too antisocial to mingle

Prehnite: (Shortest mane)
Parents are Rarity and Spike
Species is Quilin Unicorn (from both parents)
Talent involves gemstone collecting.
Practically lives in the gem cave, Dislikes helping with dress making, Daddy's filly.
Fun Fact: Decent friends with Maud and her family, due to her being in the gem cave all the time.
Status: Single

Starlit Performance: (Pigtails)
Parents Starlight Glimmer and Trixie Lulamoon
Species is Unicorn (from both parents)
Talent involves performing on stage.
Very weak magic(can only levitate things), Lies about her emotions a lot, Easy to get flustered.
Fun Fact: Since she can't do a magic show with magic, she uses other types of magic that we in the human world use.
Status: Single

Flutter Butter- www.deviantart.com/theredbeaut…
Dance Party- Adopted her from
Autumn Glory- Adopted him from
Magical Miracle- Adopted her from
Prehnite- Adopted her from
Starlit Performance- Adopted her from

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