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Oh no… Season 3 will be released in 2020. Please tell me about the leak of EQG S3, Moliminous.

safe1687601 artist:moliminous7 screencap219851 applejack168299 fluttershy210702 pinkie pie214401 rainbow dash231845 rarity180058 sci-twi23919 sunset shimmer62208 trixie66786 twilight sparkle298100 a fine line295 equestria girls197721 equestria girls series32441 holidays unwrapped1982 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13887 spoiler:eqg series (season 3)11 background pony meltdown in the comments12 female1345715 not the end of equestria girls9 youtube2264


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Background Pony #F921
When the confirmation about EQG will arrive if eqg will have a season 3 or will end this year in november or december
Background Pony #DB7A
And DHX is already done with S2 and Boulder said they’re not working on it right now meaning they’re busy with new Hasbro shows and the 3d movie
Background Pony #F921
Oh my gosh when mlp season 9 end K.Hadley and nick confalone will say if eqg will have a season 3
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protip: cite your sources instead of randomly proclaiming something's happening and insisting it's true, it just makes you look like a spoiled child
Background Pony #4FBF
Wrong don’t take words out of my mouth the only thing they’re showing is the movies 2013-16 and 2017-19 specials no digital series shorts