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Twilight does a science experiment
safe1752716 artist:jargon scott2585 twilight sparkle306441 pony1012488 unicorn343179 electrical outlet33 female1403780 fork930 levitation12590 magic75492 mare503162 science1254 simple background409894 solo1095792 squatpony411 telekinesis28787 this will end in electrocution23 this will not end in death5 too dumb to die1 twiggie442 unicorn twilight18752 white background102678


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Not sure what’s gonna happen since the magic she use to levitate the fork is basically electromagnetism, add a 220V current, wouldn’t that throw the fork in one direction or cause it to spin like a drill in the prong or melt? ( if the breakers doesn’t just cut)  
I need to find out for Friday.
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El retorn de Jan
Stoopid pony that noowadays teaches a stoopider pony to be even moore stoopid.
That said, are you sure Twily can get electrocuted if she’s using telekinesis?
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Go fsck yourself
@Background Pony #D1CE  
Now that would be interesting. All of Equestria’s inhabitants might have to be super-evolved tardigrades to survive! Oh gawd, don’t tell Badumsquish. LoL
‘Ionization’ just means giving an atom enough energy to knock an electron off its orbit, thus making the atom an ion with a net charge. And you’re absolutely right: ionizing radioactivity is one means of achieving this. Another, less-harmful-to-organic-life way is to create an electric charge between two electrodes with high voltage, turning the gas between them into a conductive plasma. The gap between spark plug electrodes is an everyday example of this, as are fluorescent tubes.
The particular ‘type’ I had in mind regarding Unicorns & Magic is referred to as Townsend ionization, btw. I deal with this all the time in thyratrons (some of which do have thoriated tungsten filaments). :)
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Twiggie: “If I get a charge from the outlet then the bees will all get electrocuted when I eat then and won’t be able to sting me…GENIUS!”
Background Pony #3DEE
The only counterargument I can think of is that if magic emits ionizing radiation, then magic is radioactive, and all the unicorns would have died of leukemia or radiation poisoning years ago.
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Word Bug
If she only shorts active to neutral, there won’t be an earth leakage at all (the fork is electrically isolated from ground, after all).
Basically, power will flow with a very low resistance load until the fuses/overcurent breakers give out.