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So I got tempted to do some #bunnylestia , and while I was planning for this just to be a small sketch it took up most of my day today. Buuut, I really like how it ended up as. (also I spent a long time on that bottle yes)
suggestive148562 artist:longinius840 princess celestia96871 alicorn233455 anthro270137 alcohol7491 belly29616 big breasts86298 blushing205136 bottle4282 bowtie10679 breasts289370 bunny suit2563 bunnylestia255 busty princess celestia10605 chubby13540 chubbylestia920 cleavage35712 clothes477040 cuffs (clothes)1238 female1404905 fishnet pantyhose122 fishnets5536 food73168 glass4821 huge breasts40160 leotard4731 looking at you176196 mare503652 marker drawing941 pantyhose3492 playboy bunny774 plump7304 ribbon7271 scotch31 smiling262168 solo1096634 solo female183944 spread wings57256 squishy2626 stockings34297 thigh highs38276 thighs15159 tight clothing2663 traditional art120508 whiskey452 wide hips18336 wings123723


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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) -

Effervescent uni
Absolutely fabulous! I love the full figure look. Personally I would have preferred Cognac to whisky, but to each their own.
Happy Derpy! -
Artist -

I love, beside the overflowing obvious, how you get a sense of her great scale from the bottle and glencairns (which doubly also imply this is a classy affair and not just a time for getting wasted)