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So I got tempted to do some #bunnylestia , and while I was planning for this just to be a small sketch it took up most of my day today. Buuut, I really like how it ended up as. (also I spent a long time on that bottle yes)
suggestive149932 artist:longinius843 princess celestia97210 alicorn235605 anthro272449 alcohol7562 belly29914 big breasts87249 blushing206907 bottle4340 bowtie10863 breasts291882 bunny suit2582 bunnylestia256 busty princess celestia10656 chubby13635 chubbylestia923 cleavage35958 clothes481513 cuffs (clothes)1251 female1416003 fishnet pantyhose130 fishnets5600 food73956 glass4886 huge breasts40697 leotard4800 looking at you178057 mare509563 marker drawing966 pantyhose3515 playboy bunny778 plump7354 ribbon7307 scotch31 smiling265804 solo1106199 solo female185067 spread wings57996 squishy2676 stockings34672 thigh highs38743 thighs15564 tight clothing2699 traditional art121366 whiskey455 wide hips18641 wings126192


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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) -

Effervescent uni
Absolutely fabulous! I love the full figure look. Personally I would have preferred Cognac to whisky, but to each their own.
Happy Derpy! -
Artist -

I love, beside the overflowing obvious, how you get a sense of her great scale from the bottle and glencairns (which doubly also imply this is a classy affair and not just a time for getting wasted)