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Twilight was just walking to school when suddenly she saw her friend, Sunset! Only there was something a little different about her. I think it’s the new haircut.

Colour Commission for klamnei
Original lines by tsitra360 : >>2091193
safe (1429922)artist:evan555alpha (180)artist:tsitra360 (1069)sunset shimmer (50691)twilight sparkle (260660)dragon (37781)human (130826)equestria girls (159787)alternative cutie mark placement (1091)bush (1843)canterlot high (2047)dragoness (5468)dragonified (1314)excited (2167)exclamation point (2884)female (760664)giantess (3011)macro (9113)school (1440)signature (14882)species swap (15778)sunset dragon (13)surprised face (49)


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