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Forgot the ponytail, not that much of it's showing.
safe1640494 artist:cheezedoodle96836 part of a set10605 applejack164650 earth pony224493 pony906050 .svg available8035 applebetes118 boop bait11 bust45665 cheezedoodle96 is trying to murder us1 close-up5716 cute189813 daaaaaaaaaaaw3429 female1306121 food66044 hnnng2353 hooves on the table172 imminent boop96 jackabetes5571 looking at you156948 mare450298 missing accessory7786 peekaboo174 peeking649 portrait29617 simple background371215 solo1020864 straw in mouth930 svg3500 sweet dreams fuel1144 this will end in boops18 transparent background192700 vector74196 wheat202 wide eyes16541


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Background Pony #9280
So fuckin' cute. Making it into a CoD emblem is the least I can do to share the appul love.
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