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Crossover with Deep Rock Galactic which I came up with immediately after starting to play this game :3 In my opinion, Chrysalis is the best choice of the main boss vacancy
NSFW version you can find on my patreon
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suggestive126174 artist:discordthege259 queen chrysalis31893 anthro225892 changeling39042 changeling queen11177 unguligrade anthro42138 ass41169 bra13791 bracelet7684 breasts234772 bugbutt1256 butt24802 clothes400976 crossover56365 deep rock galactic3 dock43133 fangs21561 female879566 hooves16154 jewelry49029 long nails390 looking at you140511 looking back47994 looking back at you10465 macro10272 panties45425 planet1036 pony bigger than a planet420 solo959314 solo female166686 space4478 tangible heavenly object1256 underhoof45973 underwear54347


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