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Page 1246 — The Mole Ponies

"I know a diversion when I see one!" says pony who chose to play it cool at first and got herself diverted anyway.

And check out that pony stumbling into it in Panel 2 up in the top-right corner, slooowly backing away.

DM: The last you see of Chancellor Neighsay is a nervous look backwards as he disappears into the portal. And though Cozy Glow isn't exactly caught unawares, you can hear her grumbling and ranting down the hall at the closer where she locked the Crusaders. So your diversion did its job. So the question is, where do you go from here?
Silverstream (PP): Well, I guess it's pretty obvious. Back to the catacombs, right?
Yona (FS): We got a full rest from being locked up, right…?
Gallus (RD): The one good side effect, yeah.
Ocellus (TS): The rest of us are seeing this for the first time, right? The crystal branches of the Tree of Harmony?
Smolder (RT): As much as I'm normally one for learning lore in case it becomes useful… I'm okay with getting to the objective posthaste.
Sandbar (AJ): So we climb down the branches, and then there's a balcony overlooking the vortex atrium, right?
DM: Ah, well… If only it were that easy.
safe1727789 artist:newbiespud1444 edit134236 edited screencap66216 screencap224459 chancellor neighsay654 cozy glow7536 gallus6861 golden crust158 ocellus5377 sandbar5522 silverstream6223 smolder8084 yona5174 changedling8579 changeling48731 classical hippogriff5033 dragon57536 earth pony256877 griffon27552 hippogriff9935 pony987980 yak4686 comic:friendship is dragons1614 school raze2355 annoyed5534 background pony10319 bow29323 climbing322 clothes467485 comic110310 cozy glow is best facemaker559 cozy glow is not amused446 dialogue66579 dragoness8696 female1382061 filly68240 flying38779 foal15541 freckles29517 hair bow15989 looking back58737 looking up16837 male380452 portal1915 raised hoof47517 screencap comic4636 stallion112182 student six1648


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