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Page 1242 — Gravely Roasted

I waffled between this punchline and "Cure Wounds" for simplicity, but I felt like the cantrip that stabilizes a dying target at 0 was probably more apt. Plus, "Spare the Dying" is just sillier to say.

DM: When you enter the room, you see Neighsay pathetically trying to kick over the garbage can with his hooves to get his medallion out.
Chancellor Neighsay: Ugh, wonderful. I suppose you've all come to gloat?
Smolder (RT): Actually, we've come here to save y–
Gallus (RD): Nonononono, we are absolutely roasting this fool while we've got the chance. Do we start with the bright idea to scapegoat a bunch of foreign kids instead of actually looking into the problem?? Or the fact that an eight-year-old trounced you in a battle of wits?
Silverstream (PP): And you're gullible! Sandbar tricked you by playing to your biases!
Chancellor Neighsay: He… what??
Sandbar (AJ): It wasn't like it was difficult.
Ocellus (TS): For someone who claims to care about ponies first… a lot of them don't seem to like or respect you.
Yona (FS): Nasty pony have no one to blame but himself.
Smolder (RT): …Does anyone have Spare the Dying prepared?
safe1727602 artist:newbiespud1444 edit134223 edited screencap66213 screencap224454 chancellor neighsay654 gallus6858 ocellus5376 sandbar5521 silverstream6220 smolder8083 yona5173 changedling8575 changeling48720 classical hippogriff5033 dragon57524 earth pony256810 griffon27539 hippogriff9934 pony987827 unicorn332569 yak4686 comic:friendship is dragons1614 chained519 comic110292 desk3306 dialogue66562 dragoness8694 female1381872 flying38776 frown23262 hand on hip6495 male380375 mouth hold17772 screencap comic4636 smiling254425 stallion112138 student six1648 table9368


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