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Page 1240 — Inmate Asylum

Just as a reminder, I put up this week's Spudventure on Tuesday and I'm hoping to continue getting the podcasts/videos published on that schedule from here on out.

DM: You can't see much from your hiding spot… But the Headmare's office is just down the hall, and you've got the CMC to spy for you. The loudest sound you hear besides the rabble is the clinking of heavy chains. It sounds like they're physically binding him.
Silverstream (PP): Yeesh! That's a little harsh.
DM: No, it's fine – apparently it's "only until Starlight comes back and decides what to do with him."
Sandbar (AJ): Oh brother…
DM: You watch as the students all file out solemnly, heading back to their friendship lessons.
Smolder (RT): They're going to need a new course on irony after this.
Gallus (RD): Hooold on, he's had a full night's rest too, hasn't he? Shouldn't he be casting– Ohhh, right.
Ocellus (TS): Though there is that medallion he's wearing.
DM: The CMC hear and report a tearing of fabric… followed by a clatter into a trash bin.
Gallus (RD): Right idea… weird execution.
Smolder (RT): Out of sight, out of mind. She's still a child.
DM: And then there's an exchange of Neighsay asking, "Why are you doing this?" and Cozy Glow monologuing back at him. I'll spare you a full performance because it's more or less the same "Friendship is Power" spiel.
Yona (FS): She practiced this.
Silverstream (PP): I mean, I would!
Gallus (RD): Man, if only we could get her hooked up to the PA system or something…
DM: Putting aside how difficult that would be to do without her noticing… the psychic PA systems runs on magic, so it's down.
Gallus (RD): Dangit!
Ocellus (TS): All that xenophobia, and it was a pony who turned out to be the real threat. That has to be at least a little humbling.
Gallus (RD): Nah, ten bucks says he's still a bigot at the end of the day.
DM: Aa any rate, with Neighsay pacified and more than a little terrified, Cozy Glow finally leaves the Headmare's office. What do you do now?
Smolder (RT): We need Neighsay and his medallion. But Cozy will probably be back to check on him.
Sandbar (AJ): Are the CMC still there?
DM: Yep! Totally not spying, just hanging out, happy to see their friend Cozy.
Smolder (RT): Let's have them divert her.
Gallus (RD): Do we HAVE to save this guy? I say we just take the medallion and leave.
DM: Alright… let's check the CMC's acting skills… <roll> …against Cozy's Insight. <roll>
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