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Page 1237 — Lower Education

Jumping to the end of this season in the comic has been an exercise in how much story establishment had been done in the season's opening. And there's something to appreciate in how the show says, "Teaching these lessons like a normal school is the fastest way to kill any value in the material," rather than just, say, going straight for some highschool AU humor.

Show Transcript
DM: The Arcane Locks are gone, but the exits are still locked conventionally, so Gallus gets his time to shine after all.
Gallus (RD): Sweet.
DM: Dawn has risen. You don't pass by anypony in the halls… because there's another assembly at the entrance, led by Cozy Glow and Neighsay.
Smolder (RT): Is there a place we can hide within earshot?
DM: A nearby supply closet. You get into position just in time to hear:
Chancellor Neighsay: The reign of Headmare Starlight is OVER!! From now on, this school will be run according to EEA doctrine! AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN FROM THE START!!
DM: It goes over about as well as you'd expect.
Sandbar (AJ): What does "EEA doctrine" even look like?
DM: Okay, so take all these lessons about questing, making friends, and self-defense… And run them through the filter of a private boarding school run by the patron saint of standardized testing. No field trips, no practical activities… No fun.
Ocellus (TS): I mean, I did pretty well on my SATs…
Gallus (RD): Good for you.
safe1727801 artist:newbiespud1444 edit134238 edited screencap66216 screencap224459 apple bloom50257 chancellor neighsay654 cozy glow7538 gallus6861 november rain587 ocellus5377 sandbar5522 scootaloo51604 silverstream6223 smolder8084 sweetie belle49405 yona5174 changedling8579 changeling48731 classical hippogriff5033 dragon57536 earth pony256879 griffon27552 hippogriff9935 pegasus300288 pony987987 unicorn332645 yak4686 comic:friendship is dragons1614 angry27664 background pony10319 book33948 bored1468 comic110310 cutie mark crusaders19177 dialogue66579 dragoness8696 female1382063 filly68240 friendship student1730 frown23265 hiding1453 hoof hold8436 looking up16837 male380453 quill2723 screencap comic4636 stallion112183 student six1648 tired3191 yawn1418


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