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Page 1226 — Lying in Plain Hearing

Persuasion in tabletop games is very powerful because good deductions and acting can bolster bad-to-average rolls and great rolls can sometimes overcome tall social hurdles. I'm not sure there's another mechanic that has that kind of dual-support, now that I think about it.

DM: Well, given how generally unlikely it is that turning on your friends is your true intention… give me a Deception check.
Sandbar (AJ): <roll> 16.
DM: That said, you're playing to his biases, so for his Insight… <roll>
Chancellor Neighsay: Wisely put, colt.
DM: Another touch to his amulet…
Gallus (RD): And we break out!!
DM: And the magical chains separate just enough to let Sandbar out before reconnecting.
Gallus (RD): Ugh, really?
DM: You're still defeated, remember? Too bruised and tired for sudden movements.
Smolder (RT): You know, it occurs to me… Sandbar's doing this of his own initiative, correct? Which means we're completely in the dark. For all we know, he really is betraying us.
DM: You're free to make an Insight check.
Smolder (RT): Mmm, but I might as well enjoy the shock and indignation.
Ocellus (TS): Of course…
Gallus (RD): I'm definitely hurling curses at him as they walk out. Exotic griffon curses!
Yona (FS): Yona is just sad.
Chancellor Neighsay: Don't mind them. Everypony will come to their senses… eventually.
Sandbar (AJ): Yep. We'll show them the truth.
DM: …<roll>
safe1728336 artist:newbiespud1445 edit134268 edited screencap66233 screencap224491 chancellor neighsay658 gallus6865 ocellus5379 sandbar5526 silverstream6226 smolder8088 yona5177 changedling8582 changeling48761 classical hippogriff5034 dragon57572 earth pony257090 griffon27566 hippogriff9941 pony988562 yak4690 comic:friendship is dragons1615 school raze2355 angry27671 betrayal525 chains5030 comic110333 dialogue66604 dragoness8707 female1382544 frown23269 male380678 sad24808 screencap comic4638 stallion112289 student six1648 surprised9433 walking4854


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