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safe1708845 artist:hendro107284 edit132752 edited screencap65363 screencap222522 ahuizotl829 berry punch6568 berryshine6568 citrine spark414 clever musings169 cloudburst48 fire quacker413 goldengrape683 peppermint goldylinks475 rainbow stars245 sir colton vines iii683 slate sentiments117 star bright194 sugar maple144 earth pony249620 pegasus292704 pony969915 unicorn324415 daring doubt863 background pony10270 background pony audience363 book33521 bookshelf3553 bookstore46 female1365316 friendship student1700 glasses62038 male373519 mare481816 rating69 stallion109189 unnamed pony1610


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@Artistic Fox
As far as I can see, Caballeron pretty much still only accepted to drop her job because he is currently surrounded by 3 ponies and a guardian creature (And a certain Fluttershy he didn't want to upset) that wouldn't allow him to leave properly without making sure he won't get up to anything else. Add in an amulet that forces him to tell the truth and I don't see how he had any choice other than to accept anything they told him to accept with honesty. He was an opportunist thief and it would've been more out of character for him to risk his neck and defy everyone in the room just for villainous pride. Getting a cut of the royalties from A.K.'s book sales is a pretty good deal for someone like him.
Besides, can you really argue it to be a "reformation" when Caballeron was continuing to try to stuff artifacts down his shirt even after his supposed "reformation" scene?

800 years of sweltering heat would do a pretty good job of keeping any possible intruders out of the Tenochtitlan basin, wouldn't you think? Besides, his old evil plan was trash as far as decent villains go; he didn't have any possible moral motive for it, he didn't even have anything to gain (Which would literally be the first for any antagonist in the series that is not a non-sapient monster)! Also, if he's trying to do something that would be really bad for the area, why is the local wildlife and magical protections actively helping him? This episode actually explains things a lot more consistently than any of the other ones.

There wasn't much continuity in Daring Do episodes to contradict here as the usual Daring Do episode involved everyone being painfully one-note in terms of character and nothing that they're doing were really adequately explained enough to be considered "continuity".
Artistic Fox

The whole season was plagued with sudden redemptions of minor antagonists.
Cabalaron is selfish and only cares for money, then in a single second, changes his mind.
Ahuizotl is a villain from multiple daring do, last time even trying to curse the lands with 800 years of sweltering heat. Suddenly it's revealed he's the guardian? Yeah no, that doesn't work at all, is just really lazy writing

Ok, I liked the plot twist. But I didn't like how it was developed, I think it was very fast and forced. This chapter would have been better in season 8.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
Okay, me confused here. What continuity did this episode go against? I thought it was a pretty good conclusion to the existing Daring Do episodes myself