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Happily Ever After - Steven Universe Movie

I wanted to do some Infinity Train fan art but stuff happened. Leaks happened for MLP FiM. The season 2 finale of Duck Tales 2017 was also a very pleasant distraction. So was the Steven Universe Movie. Spinel is adorable. But I had to do this one first.

If you haven’t seen the MLP gen 4 series finale yet, there might be spoilers here for you depending on what you believe in. But for me, I have often found the simplest explanations to be the most likeliest ones. Nature does, after all, takes the path of least resistance. Its deliberate. Its like that Fairly Odd Parents episode where they showed Timmy’s future children but you can’t pin down who the mom was. Its funny that way.

Gen 4 of MLP is the last animated show I will consider as SatAM. Everythings streaming now. A kid that started watching it at the age of 8 would be 18 if they watched its last episode. Who knows if Gen 5 will be as meme worthy. Cartoons aren’t used to sell toys anymore and MLP has always been a 22 minute toy commercial. They’re now used to sell ideologies to children. That scares me. Still, gen 4 didn’t feel like it was riding that woke bandwagon despite being a show directed at girls. I’m looking at you Dreamworks She-Ra. You’re no Steven Universe and you never will be.

I’m not that sad to see gen 4 go. I’ve watched it since gen 1. Its like Transformers. A generation always takes its place. Like it or hate it, at least this gen was respected with an ending. Some cartoon shows just end while others turn into zombies.

safe1751580 artist:jonathantaniuchi7 luster dawn1653 starlight glimmer49820 sunburst7013 pony1011518 the last problem6093 baby10697 baby pony6809 blaze (coat marking)1669 clothes476352 coat markings5439 colt15480 colt sunburst153 cute205812 cutie mark49755 facial markings2278 father and child1030 father and daughter2689 female1402831 filly69718 filly luster dawn44 filly starlight glimmer607 glasses64760 headmare starlight92 implied phyllis5 luster dawn is starlight's and sunburst's daughter94 male388371 mama starlight67 mare502657 mother and child2647 mother and daughter6095 offspring40906 older starlight glimmer193 older sunburst78 papa sunburst45 parent:starlight glimmer1521 parent:sunburst1171 parents and child24 parents:starburst548 pigtails4948 robe3754 shipping205792 silhouette2596 socks (coat markings)3213 stallion115856 starburst1275 straight140426 sunburst the bearded47 sunburst's cloak525 sunburst's glasses448 younger17767


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Background Pony #0AAA

Also Jim:

Q: Luster Dawn looks a lot like Starlight and Sunburst. Any relation?

A (Jim): I say no, but Josh Haber says yes. So, you can decide!

Artist -

@Background Pony #C78F
No. Hasbro is. Its their IP. Speaking of which, I’ll talk to my other uncle who works as “chief intern” at IDW so I can get early scoop on that comic about how Sunburst moves to Ponyville with Starlight to run the school along with Luster Dawn’s origin story. I’m sure that pesky NDA won’t get in the way.

Background Pony #120D

@Background Pony #A5CC
@Background Pony #A5CC
don’t assume that she is the daughter of starlight and sunburst that really isn’t, she doesn’t look anything like them. get it that Luster is not related to them, not even familiar with them, does not have the same eyes or the same behavior. if she were a real daughter, they would hug as a family and that never showed. She is not the daughter of Starliht Glimmer nor Sunburst. get it

Artist -

@Background Pony #A5CC
Something tells me the poster wasn’t serious. Its like saying the Apple parents aren’t dead. They’re just in limbo and Granny Smith has now joined them.

@Background Pony #B157
I’ve always considered Starlight and Sunburst to be older than the mane 6. Sunburst was Celestia’s student before Twilight because they were never classmates. And I’m assuming Celestia takes her students in batches. They start as foals (CMC age) and finish around adult age like the mane 6. I also thought Starlight was already in her 30s when she appeared in S5. She was already mayor of her own town. In relation to Stellar Flare and Firelight, mainly Stellar, she would be too old to have anymore kids.

Background Pony #E02C

Very far from perfect. It made less sense than StarBurst, which is already a bullcrap theory. Like I said get better theory, not a fan of the StarBurst but that at least made sense if you see Luster Dawn.
The show staff never confirmed Starlight liking girls and only girls, where did you even get this idea? your own headcanon? Luster being TwiBurst baby theory made more sense than that. Stellar/Firelight theory had no ground to stand on other than the fact that Luster is older than Lil Cheese and MuffinMac. At least Luster actually looks and act like Starlight and Sunburst

Background Pony #DF6D

I think by the time Parent Map aired, Stellar Flare was already too old to have more children. She already had those bags under her eyes.

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@Background Pony #A5CC

@Background Pony #F151
Someone kept spamming that pic on to ‘Luster is Starburst’s baby’ posts. Get a better theory at least, that made even less sense than StarBurst

What are you talking about? [It makes perfect sense]
. Starlight like mares (Trixie)
. Sunburst is a “wizard” (just not the “magical” type)
. Both Stellar Flare & Firelight had children before (Sunburst & Starlight, respectively)

Sunburst was still working as vice-headstallion with Headmare Starlight at the School of Friendship.
-> They did not reacted like how parents would to a surprise visit of their daughter [ Luster Dawn is just a (very late) “half-sister” of both who never grew up alongside them (not even a proper “niece”)].