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safe1681411 screencap219137 biff187 doctor caballeron792 fluttershy210093 neigh sayer79 november rain573 pinot noir113 rainbow dash231233 rogue (character)194 shiraz113 silver berry113 sugar maple142 withers188 earth pony239482 pegasus282214 pony943513 daring doubt854 baseball cap2030 book32937 book signing11 bookshelf3488 bookstore46 butt54240 cap4306 clothes450523 discovery family logo11647 disguise4626 fake beard297 female1340612 flat cap77 friendship student1651 glasses60467 groom q.q. martingale59 hat84769 henchmen363 male364351 mare468701 pants14113 saddle bag5710 scarf22891 shirt24205 stallion105459 sunglasses14081


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