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Page 1225 — Chains of Duplicity

Story Time! Any stories of ostensibly being one class but constantly falling into the roles and tropes of a different class?

Also, Spudventures took a bit of a break this week, but my friend Xencarn's been streaming his own games, and we're putting them on my channel too! Because why not?
Xencarn presents: Curse of Strahd, Session 1: Video

DM: Chancellor Neighsay starts to leave the room and shut the door behind him, though in that slightly slowed-down way where he's clearly giving you a chance to beg him to stop.
Sandbar (AJ): WAIT!!!
DM: …Neighsay looks at you coldly and expectantly.
Sandbar (AJ): I give the others a quick look.
Yona (FS): …Yona Insight not the greatest.
Sandbar (AJ): You were right, Chancellor. I see that now. I want nothing to do with creatures that can threaten Equestria!
Smolder (RT): What?! YOU get to be the spy, AGAIN?!
Ocellus (TS): First Cozy Glow, now this…?
Gallus (RD): Hey, you see this character sheet? I'M supposed to be the Rogue here!
Sandbar (AJ): I'm the only pony in the room. It's gotta be me.
DM: Gee, I hope you're not arguing in-character…
Gallus (RD): I'm just saying, you're acting awfully sneaky – TWICE now – for a pure Monk.
Sandbar (AJ): Well, I tried punching him and that didn't work! So here we are!
Silverstream (PP): Isn't Gallus also half-Bard?
DM: I'll let Sandbar trade one of his Monk levels for Rogue…
Sandbar (AJ): Not until Level 6.
safe1709635 artist:newbiespud1428 edit132820 edited screencap65400 screencap222639 chancellor neighsay653 gallus6751 ocellus5314 sandbar5468 silverstream6152 smolder7968 yona5111 changedling8408 changeling47790 classical hippogriff4970 dragon56479 earth pony249907 griffon27112 hippogriff9756 pony970669 yak4617 comic:friendship is dragons1597 angry27290 comic109235 dialogue65682 dragoness8527 eyes closed93868 female1366000 frown22948 gritted teeth12293 looking back57594 male373806 raised hoof45824 screencap comic4578 stallion109304 student six1632 unamused16272 walking4785 worried3932


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