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Page 1224 — Blank Flank Redemption

Kind of a Player Character move to make, honestly. "No no, that ugly tactic goes against my personal scruples. Let's go start an international incident and potentially a years-long war instead."

DM: Since none of you are willing – and more importantly able – to fess up to your "crimes," he tosses you all in an empty dorm to he held in arrest.
Chancellor Neighsay: Until you either explain your nefarious plot or return the magic you stole, you will stay here.
Smolder (RT): Err, slight problem with that…
Chancellor Neighsay: Come noon tomorrow, should you still refuse to cooperate, I will be forced to take drastic measures.
Silverstream (PP): Woah woah woah. These aren't the drastic measures that involve, like, pain, right?
Smolder (RT): Or mental coercion?
Sandbar (AJ): You realize we're still teenagers?
Chancellor Neighsay: Oh, please. This is Equestria. We're ponies, not barbarians.
Yona (FS): A-hem!
Gallus (RD): Wha– You literally– But Rainbow Dash!!
Chancellor Neighsay: I will simply contact your leaders, tell them what you did, and have you sent home.
Ocellus (TS): Tell them what we "did?" As in, accuse five species of deleting magic?!
Yona (FS): Other yaks will declare war! Again!
Chancellor Neighsay: Then I guess you'd better undo it.
safe1726111 artist:newbiespud1443 edit134112 edited screencap66151 screencap224353 chancellor neighsay653 gallus6846 ocellus5371 sandbar5517 silverstream6214 smolder8072 yona5170 changedling8552 changeling48624 classical hippogriff5021 dragon57433 earth pony256227 griffon27489 hippogriff9919 pony986394 yak4679 comic:friendship is dragons1612 school raze2355 chained518 comic110193 dialogue66480 dragoness8673 female1380500 frown23233 male379751 raised hoof47453 screencap comic4627 stallion111837 student six1646


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