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Page 1223 — Prismatic Fail

I've done enough "sneaking and hiding and guiling around the powerful Big Bad" in my RPG career that sometimes I crave a chance to punch them in the face, even if we're doomed to lose, just to show that I stand for our cause instead of crawl.

…Crap, am I becoming a bruiser?

Ocellus (TS): You could have mentioned he was a 13th-level Wizard!
DM: To be fair, he's a 13th-level Wizard who has lost most of his spell slots due to the current magic crisis. Plus, Wizards are never the beefiest class… You had a theoretical chance.
Sandbar (AJ): Yeah, for 12 seconds.
DM: Luckily, Neighsay pulls his punches and merely leaves you all bruised. He taps the EEA medallion on his chest, which sparks with a prepared spell. Chains of magical energy bind you all together.
Silverstream (PP): Like in a big ol' clump?
Yona (FS): Yona want personal space back!
Chancellor Neighsay: Thank you for saving me the trouble of tracking you down. From now on, this school is pony-only! As nature intended.
Gallus (RD): Zero regrets.
Smolder (RT): Indeed.
safe1724564 artist:newbiespud1441 edit134004 edited screencap66090 screencap224201 chancellor neighsay653 cozy glow7515 gallus6835 ocellus5363 sandbar5510 silverstream6208 smolder8059 yona5164 changedling8534 changeling48544 classical hippogriff5017 dragon57348 earth pony255642 griffon27452 hippogriff9907 pegasus298822 pony984812 unicorn331253 yak4671 comic:friendship is dragons1610 annoyed5525 caught3409 chained515 comic110058 dialogue66388 dragoness8651 evil grin4501 eyes closed95406 female1379105 filly67998 frown23198 grin39480 male379157 open mouth149419 screencap comic4620 smiling253633 stallion111606 student six1643 surprised9397 unamused16451 wide eyes17190


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