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Page 1220 — Beneath the Bus

Man, it's a little hard for me to admit, but Cozy Glow might be my favorite villain in the entire series. And that might be purely because I have a soft spot for psychological trickery and confidence games. I'm with Starlight on this one.

Chancellor Neighsay: Your "assistance" won't be necessary.
Silverstream (PP): Oooh, do you think he's caught on like we did?
Ocellus (TS): I'm worried he doesn't care.
Chancellor Neighsay: The blame for this disaster rests squarely on your Headmare's shoulders. Defying the EEA, inviting foreign adversaries… Starlight's folly ends here. As of now, I am Headstallion. And I have a lot of a changes to make…
Gallus (RD): Oooooooh, whatcha gonna do now, Cozy? He's coup-ing your coup!
Smolder (RT): Is that really warranted?
Gallus (RD): Look, I just really despise her.
Yona (FS): This gone from bad to worse.
Silverstream (PP): Not as easy to feud with an adult…
DM: Those of you towards the top of the stack can see Chancellor Neighsay spreading out an array of folders bearing each of your pictures.
Gallus (RD): We have CASE FILES?
DM: There aren't that many students. The School of Friendship has profiles on every creature. …Or at least it used to. Neighsay promptly dumps the six folders into the nearest trash bin.
Cozy Glow: What are you DOING? Those are Starlight's student files!
Sandbar (AJ): Wait, now she's sticking up for us and the School…?
Smolder (RT): I imagine she's more upset about losing precious intel.
Chancellor Neighsay: THESE aren't. Not anymore. With Equestria under attack, ponies must stand together as one. Starlight has endangered us all by going off on "adventures" while these dangerous creatures run loose!
Cozy Glow: Golly, you don't think they're the reason magic is disappearing… …do you?
Sandbar (AJ): And there it is.
Gallus (RD): She's selling us out!
Ocellus (TS): Actually… COULD we be the reason?
DM: Unless there's something you're not telling me, no.
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