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Page 1217 — Brute Squad

In my experience, whenever a player tries to fill a role they don't have much experience with… they tend to revert back to their usual ways, even if they're playing a character hilariously underequipped for it. But if one of them do manage to find a new facet of themselves to express through the game, it's rather exciting to watch.

DM: You're all able to follow Cozy Glow through the halls without incident for the most part. Despite the hard work she's put in today, her spirits and confidence still seem very high.
Smolder (RT): Mine would be, if a very long con was finally starting to pay off.
DM: Where you hit a bit of a snag is when she enters the Headmare's office. There is only one entrance: a tall and heavy pair of double doors. As Cozy trots through, the doors loudly creak back into place, leaving only a sliver to see through between them. What is your approach?
Smolder (RT): I suppose I'm obliged to say "kick down the door and Fire Bolt?"
Sandbar (AJ): You don't sound convinced for a supposedly aggressive dragon.
Smolder (RT): I… have to admit, I may be out of my element. I don't know how Rainbow Dash does it.
Gallus (RD): Look, the trick is to punch targets that everyone deep-down knows need to be punched and they want to punch but won't because "reasons."
Smolder (RT): I… see…?
Ocellus (TS): Um, as an alternative to the violent approach… I have a 2nd level spell called Pass Without Trace. It'll give us all +10 to our Stealth.
DM: With a bonus like that, I wouldn't even make you roll to get as far as the doors ajar, so you can all peek through the gap. It's a bit of a tight fit, and you have to stack a little, but Cozy Glow thankfully doesn't notice your eyes peering through the doors.
Yona (FS): Yona like this plan. Learn about evil scheme, then smash for great justice.
Gallus (RD): See? She gets it! Except for the "justice" part – she didn't pick that up from me.
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