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Page 1208 — Insight Bait

I gotta admit — the more I pore over Season 8 for this arc, the more I kinda love it. I know the internet can talk about "objective show quality" until the heat-death of the universe, but I just personally love the characters they introduced, the things they tried, the places they went, and the way it set up its payoffs.

Really, it's just a lot of new toys in the fandom/narrative toybox, which is what it was always meant to be from a corporate standpoint… but as someone who is by necessity elbow deep in that toybox, I gotta admit there's some new things in the box I really like.

DM: You pack up your books and head out into the grand halls of the school. It's lavishly constructed. Every hallway is tall enough for the fliers to navigate freely without crowding the ground-bound species.
Smolder (RT): How many is that, by the way? One, two… oh.
Sandbar (AJ): 'Sup.
Yona (FS): Yona PREFER ground.
DM: All of your schoolmates gather in the junction of the entrance hall. It's barely more than a few dozen students, mostly Equestrians. There is a podium with a pony ready to address the crowd, but instead of Headmare um… <scribble> Star…light… Glimmer…
Ocellus (TS): What?!
Gallus (RD): Hah! Knew it.
DM: It's one of your fellow students. An unbearably cute and helpful little pegasus by the name of Cozy Glow. …I accept that grumpy, unimpressed silence as an in-character reaction.
safe1558279 artist:newbiespud1275 edit114873 edited screencap54115 screencap195479 auburn vision207 berry blend361 berry bliss361 citrine spark317 cozy glow5684 dawnlighter62 fire quacker317 gallus5641 gooseberry44 huckleberry298 loganberry94 november rain495 ocellus4401 sandbar4551 silverstream5174 slate sentiments78 smolder6450 strawberry scoop193 summer breeze185 summer meadow139 yona4368 changedling7138 changeling39210 classical hippogriff4370 dragon46756 earth pony191812 griffon24496 hippogriff8128 pegasus233447 pony829326 unicorn258886 yak3760 comic:friendship is dragons1433 background pony8937 background pony audience333 comic100286 crossed arms4097 dialogue59053 dragoness6504 female882344 filly58523 friendship student1354 male299823 mare405735 raised hoof38542 screencap comic4116 smiling210993 stallion90681 student six1402 waving2463


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