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You win, Twilight. Trixie'll take the runner-up prize here :D
safe1690405 artist:badumsquish1937 derpibooru exclusive28024 applejack168553 big macintosh28061 trixie66917 earth pony242672 pony951999 unicorn316445 magic duel2099 alicorn amulet1853 applejack's hat7004 aside glance100 bedroom eyes58630 big jackintosh32 blushing194885 cowboy hat15435 disguise4661 duo59714 eyes on the prize5393 female1348308 flirting1448 grin37689 half r63 shipping1951 hat85512 hoof around neck171 looking at you165674 male367331 mare473119 ponyville5755 raised leg7604 raised tail15102 scared10348 shipping198061 show accurate14357 sideways glance426 smiling243710 squee1956 stallion106665 stetson4974 straight134734 tail26882 tripplejack77 trixmac77


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Silent pleading for help
"…Equestria will remember your sacrifice." Salute
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I bet she hasn't even finished her first sentence to him and she's already between his legs. Trixie does not take it slow.
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After this, I think a lot more of the paint would be worn off him by the time he arrived at GMHAA's place than was shown in >>1272049.

I don't think she particularly cares. I know I wouldn't.