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It's been nearly three years after the fourth Equestria Girls installment Legend Of Everfree; so I though about giving this a redrawn screenshot based on Twilight Sparkle struggling herself to embrace the magic inside before her dark, fallen angel Midnight Sparkle is taking over her control.
safe1690809 artist:malevolentsamson91 sci-twi23985 twilight sparkle298558 equestria girls198191 legend of everfree7951 camp everfree275 camp everfree outfits1797 crying43071 fear1012 female1348698 glowing eyes11012 glowing horn19295 horn64350 implied midnight sparkle38 midnight sparkle2492 scared10351 scene interpretation8474 solo1053489 tears of pain1054 vine1281


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@Background Pony #A311
Well, in this film, it is possibly revealed that Midnight Sparkle is a dark half created by Twilight when she released the magic that she captured in the climax of Friendship Games. Midnight is evil. But Twilight isn’t evil.
Background Pony #A311
I wish Midnight Sparkle was accepted by Twilight. Midnight could have been an anti-heroine.