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Uploaded by Background Pony #8AF9
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A commission from TheBrokenCOG- from the actual commissioner.
source needed (11539)suggestive (116714)artist:thebrokencog (759)fleur-de-lis (3095)rarity (160658)human (133802)bikini (14082)breasts (212106)busty fleur-de-lis (381)busty rarity (9700)canterlot club (16)clothes (367404)commission (42489)dress (36003)drool (20604)drool string (4611)female (789243)fleurity (47)french kiss (1324)humanized (89370)kissing (20609)lesbian (84421)shipping (168928)skintight clothes (614)sloppy kissing (1451)swimsuit (21542)

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7 comments posted
It could be on the verge of being re-tagged as "explicit" when fleur De-Lis is fondled while wearing her skin tight dress by rarity when the pair is to do some hot lesbian action.
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Background Pony #11D4
I think it’s supposed to be a saliva trail, but it looks like their tongues are connected but a weird rope of tongue tissue… 8I
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