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Page 1114 – Baggage Blame

It’s a break from the story of the in-game session, so you know what that means: Pulling sequences from episodes I’m almost definitely never going to use! Hooray!

Rarity: A word, briefly?
DM: Yeah, sure.
Rarity: I know that we’re a rather large group, so increasing from 7 to 8 people doesn’t sound that drastic…
Applejack: Are you… watchin’ for the delivery driver?
Pinkie Pie: Yep!
Rarity: But player groups are ecosystems unto themselves, and they can be delicate at times.
DM: <sigh> I should’ve asked before bringing in a new person. Obvious in hindsight.
Rarity: What was… in foresight, if I might ask?
DM: This isn’t just a "good friend" of mine. This is… the person who got me into the hobby. My very first campaign ever, he was the DM. And it was the most amazing story I’ve ever been a part of. Have you ever had a mentor? One who taught you everything? One that you haven’t seen in years? Have you ever been tempted to show your friends how brilliant he is at his craft?
Rarity: Yes, in-character, I did. And then he turned out to be insane.
DM: Y’know maybe this isn’t the best comparison.
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