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The mare does her best to ignore the body before her and focusing her attention on her love. Who is still fiddling with the firearm.

"Did you do this? What happened?" Mulberry sputters out in a high pitched, frightened squeak.

"Yes, this is my handiwork. The less you know about it the better." Antione says, cocking his gun. He just stares at it for a second, not saying anything. He then continues "although I guess it doesn't matter that much anymore. Why couldn't you have stayed away…?"

"Antione… What's the gun for?" She says apprehensively, a thrill of fear passing up her spine.

The unicorn's attention snap to her and there is a look that Mulberry has never seen in him before. A look of painful, insane, determination. Antione's eyes start to water, and then the tears start to fall freely.

"My love, what're you-" She starts, but the stallion interrupts her.

"T-this is for the best. It's the only way… Trust me." He says, slowly moving the gun to point at the mare, all the while trembling like a leaf. "My sweet… Why oh why couldn't you have stayed away?"

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