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Financial situation. 😔


not provided yet


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Background Pony #7035
i like how op's tactic here is to illicit sympathy via fictional character as if hasbro is killing or ending the career of a real person.
Background Pony #AB62
@Background Pony #0D77
So when will Hasbro confirmed eqg season 3

not yet,this isn't not financial situation this just contract was end.
dhx already contract is over join to wildbrain,allspark fate join to eOne and so hasbro not have other options.

but boulder media still busy working movie and G5.
Background Pony #A1FF
Depending on myself, I would prefer there's nothing change in Equestria Girls unlike Friendship is magic where Twilight has become an alpha alicorn and the others became older(notice lines under their eyes)

Don't being fool everypony!
I feel is something more complitace than "no sale" (if realy we can prove that) problem.

Maybe the devil mouse's hand is in this cut.
Background Pony Numeral Uno

Dude, chill out. There's been precisely one explicitly anti-EqG comment on this pic. (Well, possibly two- I can't exactly tell what you guys deleted.) The rest have been shitting on the idea that bronies should or even can save EQG by buying merch.

Personally, I love EqG. I think its been better than the main show for a while. But, I'd rather have it pass quietly into the night than get dragged out for nine seasons and eventually turn into crap.
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Hey it's the "everybody shit on EQG" pic of the week I guess.

I'd like to see the actual quote from Nick, please. Hasbro is doing just fine, but it's clear they are discontinuing contract work with Top Draw and DHX and dedicated to moving all animation in-house. This means the current EQG and FiM teams are no longer relevant. Sorry but buying some EQG merch isn't going to change that.

@That Little Faggot with the Earring and the Makeup
@Background Pony #D68A

You guys:

Background Pony #82E3
Bacon hair doesn't deserve her own show, let alone merchandise! Good riddance!
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Hasbro's proprietary IP's aren't where their product division is struggling in the first place.

Q1 2019
Q2 2019

If you really wanted to correct their books you'd have to splurge on Star Wars and Marvel merchandise to prop up their lagging partner brands division.